Your XAML Solutions for most common issues (WIKI POST, anyone can edit)

Hi everyone!

I really liked the idea of @Jan_Brian_Despi I saw in his thread here:

To see how much interest there would be for such a repository, please have this experimental wiki thread to have fun and compile all interesting answers. Anyone with a basic trust level or higher can edit this post :slight_smile:

I’ll start with a link to my explanation of the ReFramework without queues :slight_smile:

  1. ReFramework explanation post with a zipped project example

  2. Data Scraping using Dynamic Selectors

  3. If/Else Statement using CSV Data to be Passed to a Form

  4. Comparing Sheets Data

  5. Merging Data Table

  6. Writing Formula in Excel

  7. String Splitting

  8. Kill Excel Process

  9. Add Data Rows to Data Table

  10. Get Credentials from Windows Credential Manager

  11. Removing Leading Zeroes

  12. Dump From Datatable To Database

  13. Sample of Invoke VBA activity

  14. Write Column Values from Excel to Notepad

  15. Read Dates from Excel and Change the Date Format

  16. Reading Comma Delimited CSV

  17. Move Files to Another Folder

  18. Saving Data into Multiple Sheets

  19. Mail Forwarding

  20. Add Multiple Data Table Column at Once

  21. Create Separate Excel Files Based on Unique Column Values from an Excel File

  22. Example API call using HTTP Request activity

  23. There is plenty of place here for more :slight_smile:


Just in case we run out of space, this is a placeholder second post for future use :slight_smile: