How to Dump scarped data into database which is scraped using data scrapping

I have already done save scrapped data into CSV file. But now I want to dump a data into database which is get by Data scraping.
Please help

@swapnali1 Store your csv file to one Datatable and use connect activity to connect to database than use Insert data table actvity and pass csv Datatable variable With your database table name

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how to store CSV file in database

@use read csv activity and pass that variable to Insert data table actvity as mentioned steps above

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thank you

@swapnali1 Download attach file and change Db configuration and Db table name (2.0 KB)

@indra thank you…

I am scraping data with the help of Data Scraping in UiPath. And I want to store that scarped data into csv file. Above picture shows the how I am trying to create file. But it only create file data is not filled in it. But when I scrape data from flipkart It will genrate CSV file but when trying to scrape from google search it is not possible.
please help

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From the above Extract Structure Data is not extracting so you are not able to store in csv. You can try this create new data table variabe and pass that in Extract Data Table actvity

@indra ok thank you…I am trying by creating new variable but still it is not working.

@swapnali1 I think selectors are changing please check it

@indra Will you tell me, Can we scrape data from google search. in UiPath Data scraping. because when I am trying to scrape data from google search it can not work but when I am scraping data from websites like flipkart, amazon etc. It will work.
Please Help

@swapnali1 you can scrap from google search

@indra How?