Want comma separated values into variable

Hi All,

I have one column “Number” into excel file, which contains data like 1,2,3,4,5.
I want these value into variable , i.e while first iteration i should be varNo=1 , for next iteration it will be , varNo=2 …so on…

Attaching file for your reference
SampleData.xlsx (7.8 KB)


Can we store these values into array variable

Hi @SagarSB,

Yes you can stored into an array. If you want can able to do the loop with it.


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can you please share xaml file for the same…

Thanks in Advance

Hi @SagarSB,

Let me explain what i have done in the xaml.

  1. I assume that the xl data comes as string.
  2. So I have used the split function by Comma and stored into an array.
  3. In the for loop I have displayed value.

File :SagarSB.zip (1.6 KB)



thanks …
i will let you know after checking this solution

Great …its working as expected

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