Loop how to do it?


I would like to ask you for help. I started learning RPA, so I am quite new :slight_smile: I wrote a very simple process and I would like it to repeat.
It looks like this: date came from XML, then the first cell I paste to the website after that data from the webpage is input to this XML. All think is doing for the first row, I need to do it to another.
I will be grateful for your help. Thanks in advance.

Hi @MeggJJJ

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The simplest way would be to load your rows from Excel using the Read Range activity and then loop over the rows using the For Each Row activity.

Please browse the Forum or our documentation platform for examples on how to do it. There are plenty :slight_smile:

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making it public since there are no sensitive info here

Thank you.
I did sequence for the first cell and it works. I copy the date from the first cell, then it pastes to the website, then I bring the date from the web to this excel file. But I still have a problem with creating a loop. could you be so kind and send me the same example???

Hi @MeggJJJ

Please check out the examples here, they might give you an idea :slight_smile: