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Here you can post questions, feedback and bug reports regarding each version of UiPath Platform. Includes sub-categories for each release.

RPA Dev Rookies

This is where folks who are not trained in UiPath should ask their questions. The difficult ones belong to RPA Dev Advanced.

RPA Dev Advanced

For all the Advanced users, who already know the basics and want to deepen their knowledge of UiPath ecosystem. Ideally, users posting here already earned some diplomas at our Academy


The place to discuss our Academy and where you can also find all sorts of materials that will help you to better understand our UiPath tools.

UiPath Go!

This category is dedicated to help answering your questions and suggestions regarding UiPath Go! platform and content.


日本カテゴリーにようこそ。「フォーラム」はユーザー様同士の情報交換の場です。また、「FAQ」ではよくあるご質問をUiPath Japanメンバーが掲載していきます。

Ask in Your Language

Because our community is growing rapidly, we decided to create a category where users speaking other languages can help each other in their mother tongue


Here you can talk about pretty much anything else. You can ideas with your fellow RPA enthusiast or simply relax and gossip a bit (we won’t tell anybody )