Add More than 1 data rows at the same time

How can I add multiple data rows in a data table at the same time?
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Hi @Rupee_Garcia
You can find a workflow that does that here:

For the main link, here it is:

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  1. Lets say you have a datatable read from a excel with excel application scope followed by read range activity or if you dont have a datatable use build datatable activity to build a datatable of your own structure…as simple as it is buddy…
  2. Then to iterate through the collection of transaction, use a for each loop with that collection as input (not for each row loop, as you cannot add datarow to table when it is iterated)
    3.Once the transaction is over as you wish to add a row to the datatable created or having already can be done with the help of “Add data row”…HOW…?
  3. So in add data row, if you have a array of datarow {“value1”,“value2”} or even the collection you have or just a datarow from datatable like out_dt.Rows(Rowindex), give that as input to the add data row and here comes the answer for you…for input property of datarow in add data row, mention as out_dt.NewRow
    This would add new datarow to your datatable.
  4. Then with write range activity, you can enter the datatable to the excel you want
  5. Thats all buddy…you are all done…

Here is your workflow buddy
Adddatarow.xaml (11.4 KB)

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Did that work buddy @Rupee_Garcia

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