Initialization healthcheck activity

Hi everyone, i’d like to share my new custom activity. Feel free to use it and ask any questions

This package contains 1 activity: Run Pre-run check.

This check whether list of files, folders and credentials exist and return a boolean status (which is true if everything exists and false otherwise) and also a HTML summary that you can add to your email body.

Note: for credentials it will try to extract from orchestrator then from windows credential manager
Note: for folders, it it doesnt exist it will try to create it


Use cases
1. using the html summary in email body

2. using in REFramework (or any framework / flowchart) to check folders/files/credentials before running the main flow
You can use this activity in the “init” stage of REFramework.
If the output status = False, it means one of the files/folders/credentials are missing so the process will end
If output status = True, everything exists so the robot can run the main flow


Very nice solution :slight_smile:
Let me push it to Tutorials category. It might be helpful for the others.

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thank you! :grinning:

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Are we able to change the email template ? Or is it hardcoded?

its hardcoded for now