Remove tag from mail preview in Outlook


I’ve got this email in preview inside Outlook that comprises < end> tag, which I’d really like to get rid of, to make it add a bit of aesthetics to that :smiley:

The body of this email always has the following content:

<!Doctype html>
** < html>**
** < p>**
** < h1>**
** < /h1>**
** < /p1>**
< /html>

So, it eventually appends < end> to the last character inside the body every time. I tried to test it adding many spaces, new lines , double checked each and every single HTML tag too without any result.

Web developers and HTML/CSS experts wanted, your expertise is very much needed.
Thank you!

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Hi @ykuzin

First a Forum hint, you can use the code block to display your code using this character `` , like so:

Also, like so:

<!Doctype html>

Now, to the issue at hand. Is this an issue of UiPath, or a general one around HTML? :slight_smile:

thank you, indeed
as per <end> tag, which I mentioned earlier I can’t be sure if it is an issue of Uipath as such, however, I’ve tried to get rid of it by adjusting HTML code, which I have in the body of the email.

Now, this tag gets appended every time I send such an email and is visible in the Outlook email preview.
Can you suggest to me how to eliminate it, please? Perhaps HTML has something to offer in such cases.

thank you

I did find this article:

I haven’t tested it, but maybe adding a few empty <br> at the bottom will fix it?

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Thank you for the link, there was exactly the same inquiry. Just tried to insert numerous space characters within the body and see if it gets resolved, but alas this tag remains intact. Nw, it’s merely a matter of aesthetics really :slight_smile:

I suppose you can still play around with the br HTML tag or some non standard invisible characters that Outlook might consider actual text.