Downloading the reports from the IE Browser triggered by Oracle Applications

Hi Team,

As I was working on the Oracle Application based automation, I am having an Gems Window as mentioned below and I need to make the robot click on “View Output” button (WHICH WORKS FINE):-

As soon as the button is clicked, new tab is being triggered on Internet Explorer.

Below is a screen shot of the New tab in Internet explorer:-

As soon as the new tab is opened, robot needs to have a key strokes to save the page (Ctrl + S), which is also working fine.

When keys are pressed, following window is popped up, and robot needs to type the file path and save the file and then finally close this TAB from the Internet Explorer. (using Ctrl+W) WHICH IS ALSO WORKING FINE.

Later Robot needs to again go to Gems window and DO THE EXACT SAME STEPS FOR EACH ITERATIONS.

Now, explained above is the end to end steps for one iteration, there could be N iterations which will generate N files.

In this process, each time the new tab is triggered on the Internet explorer, which is then saved and closed. But my problem is that in some tabs, there is alot of textual data and they take some time to pop up, I HAVE USED CONDITIONAL DELAYS, but as shown in the Screenshots, there is no proper selectors to make sure that tab is opened fine and after saving the file, tab is closed as expected.

As A result, the files are generated with respect to previously opened tab and the new files are named newly but has previous file’s data. So only option i saw was to play around with extra delays. but even that was causing robot to have multiple files with iterative names but similar data in the file location.

Please help me with the same, please ask if any questions.

Thanks and Regards,

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