String Manipulation: returning elements after -

Hello everyone !

I have the following strings. How can i manipulate the string so as to return the results after - ( which is the name ) ?

New York ( NY ) 1 - Beatriz Clarke Eve
Stuttgart ( ST) 3 - Kristopher Traynor

Many thanks in advance !

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use split string activity and mention separator as ‘-’

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Hi @Padurariu_Dragos_Vio,

There is a thread where you can view how to split string here:

However, I created a XAML file based on what you would like to achieve:
stringSplit.xaml (5.0 KB)


Hi @Padurariu_Dragos_Vio,

StrVar=“New York ( NY ) 1 - Beatriz Clarke Eve”
StrResult =StrArrayvar(1).trim,
output i.e.(" Beatriz Clarke Eve")


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Hi Padurariu_Dragos_Vio,
Refer this post,it may hlep you.

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String_Split.xaml (4.9 KB)

check this workflow
use string split method

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