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I am trying to build our first process and was told that I need to store the credentials in Windows Credential Manager because we do not have Orchestrator. I try to use the “Get Credentials” activity to pull the stored credentials in as variables, but receive this error:


There are not many properties for this activity, is there something else I should be using?

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Hi @s3vn

If you are get credentials from the windows credential manager, using the Get Credential activity will not work because that activity is used to get credentials from the orchestrator.

For you to get credentials from the windows credential manager, you have to use the Get Secure Credential activity.

Check the attached workflow for a sample. Here it tries to get credential from the orchestrator. If not available it tries to get credentials from the Windows credential store. So first it tries to get it, if its not available, it requests the credentials from us and stores it there. Next time when it runs, it directly gets the credentials from there.

So in the attached workflow, check the Catch section for the windows credential

GetAppCredentials.xaml (13.3 KB)


@Lahiru.Fernando I do not have the “Get Secure Credential” activity available in my build. Is there a package I need to download?


Hi @s3vn,
Please check this page to know how to work with Windows Credentials:

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Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi, I do not have the “Add Credentials” activity, I only have Set and Get Credentials. Also, do I have to set my credentials using UIPath? I have already created the entries in Windows Credential Manager and just want to pull them into variables in my workflow.

Please check this one:

Hi @s3vn

What is the version of the UiPath Studio you are using?

I think I figured it out…I had to install the UIPath.Credentials.Activities package and then the “Get Secure Credential” activity was available.

@Lahiru.Fernando I have version 2018.4.1 installed, is there a newer version I should install? I just starting building processes this week and I’m still trying to figure this all out.


Cool… That should solve your problem. So if it still doesn’t solve the problem let me know.

If you are using the community edition, yes, you can upgrade to the latest 2019.4.0 version which is the latest. If you are using a enterprise one, then you might need license to upgrade

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Good to hear that! You may now mark one of the answers as the solution to close this topic! Best of luck!

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