Anchor Base slows my project down find the text position of a string and click the check box


While using an anchor base to find the text position of a string and click the check box next to it, it takes 30-45 seconds to click the checkbox. I have tried different waitforready properties, different click properties, check activity, anchor base position, etc. all with the same issue.

I tried restarting the UiPath and the application I use but the outcome is the same.
Uipath Studio Version 2020.4.1 (Enterprise Version)



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Any possibility to build click activity without anchor by precising the selector?

Hi @Pablito

I want to select in Return Order Not Received- Don’t Expect Physical Delivery (Check box )

Note: according to user input we have the select the check box

I don’t think so we can able to do by click activity.

Please find a screenshot for reference



If it’s the website form and have proper classes defined I think there will be still way to make it without an anchor. But it’s hard to prove it as I don’t have a way to see it.

Hi @Pablito,

It is a website form only

It has a common class but every time his IDX is changing According to user input and if you want i can share my screen for your better understanding


@BALASUBRAMANIAN… Give it a try by inspecting element on your browser… If you find any unique property for that Check box add that to your selector… else try with check activity or try with Click text activity…

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K,

only the IDX is a unique property for the check box that also is dynamically for every input


Hmm… yes usually idx will be the unique one…
Usually, we have to avoid adding up “idx” to our selector XML fragment. But here that makes the object unique. What element is highlighting if you replace idx value with * (wildcard)?
Another one, If you press enter after typing will it select the box? If yes you can go with type into + keystrokes.

Exactly like @ManiPrajwal_K said. You can check more inside inspect element but what most important you can check this selector using UI Browser in Studio and then you have possibility to build selector based on any additional element from previous divs, uls or anything else.

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Hi @ManiPrajwal_K,

From the UI explore I have take a unique selector.

I have tried with replaced with wildcraft , it is highlighted first available check box.


First available check box you mean “order & delivery” right?

In thay case can u switch the control with “Tab” ?

You won’t want to use IDX in your situation, cause of how they dropdown and how the placement is dynamic.

I suggest looking for a ‘name’ or ‘text’ or ‘innertext’ attribute. You might need to manually type it in, though. Need to see everything you have available though to make a better suggestion.

The right side are attributes you can look over. But, the left side properties can be used as well, I believe.

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K,

By the way, I want to click on the third one “Return Order Not Received- Don’t Expect Physical Delivery”

According to user input, Every time the check box position will change.
ex : in next time it will come to the fifth position bot have to click on the fifth check box


Try with css selector

@BALASUBRAMANIAN Have you found any workaround?

Hi @BALASUBRAMANIAN if you go with css selector it will select the particular field based on unique attributes it had

So I suggest to go with css selctor


I have tried with CSS selector but not working


Hi @ManiPrajwal_K,

No isuue still persit


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Can you paste the UiExplorer window snap by doing this so that we can help…

  • open UiExplorer and use Indicate on Element and Click on Check box first and use Indicate Anchor and click on the Return Order Not Received- Don’t Expect Physical Delivery