Filter excel data based on a matching rule - if col1 value(account) is same and col2(amount) is matching as debit & credit, need to exract the rows

I have a scenario where in excel, i have 2 columns -account and amount. The amount column has both debit and credit values. I add a new column using abs value of amount and sort data on abs values. Now, I have to match the rows for same account which has same debit and credit value.
The issue is the values sorted have same credit amounts first and then matching debits, so match cannot happen against 1 row and the next in line row.
How can I implement such a scenario.
If i iterate over whole excel data, bot will take too much of time.
Looking for an optimized approach

Hi @ui2507path,
Please have a look here:

You have some topics there which frequently repeats. Think point 4 should help you :wink:

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