How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

If you encounter an issue with your Studio installation and or licensing issues, please follow the below procedure to re-install the most recent stable version of Studio.

  1. Before you start, you might want to backup your settings.
    Please follow this guide on how to do it:
    Studio Community Edition - how to properly backup your settings

  2. Uninstall Studio from Apps & Features menu:

  3. Navigate to these folders and make sure to delete any leftover files

  4. Get your latest Stable Studio Community Edition .exe installer from here:

  5. After installation, you get two choices to license your Robot. The most foolproof method is to connect your Robot to Orchestrator. For that, see here.
    Another method is to activate your license online.

This should fix your issues with the corrupted Studio installation, including any licensing issues.

Feel free to also refer to this topic in case your Studio auto-updates and stops working correctly:

(the fix for that is typically a simple computer restart)

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Great @loginerror

it was required to put this solution on the top of the forum.many people face this problem



We are currently investigating why it happened in the first place. Hopefully the guide will help anybody affected.


We went ahead and followed the process mentioned above but the problem is still not resolved. Kindly assist.


Hi @loginerror,

Thanks for the update it really helps :smiley:


Hi @Botkeeper

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Could you maybe follow this procedure and provide the output .zip file?


Wow… this is great… Thank you @loginerror… We noticed lot of licensing problems reported by many users since yesterday. This would help them alot…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Majority of the licensing problems can be fixed with this post.
Great @loginerror

Karthik Byggari


I solved the licensing issue just deleting “LicenseInternal” and “License” folders without uninstalling Studio.

After starting Studio again the folders where re-created and I just needed to activate the community license. That way there’s no need for backups and new installations.


I solved the licence issue by downloading the new version 2019.6 in


I was helped by this post and solved the issue. :smiley::v:

Thank you @loginerror


Is there any update on this? Still we are facing issues

Vishal Kumar

I’ve continued with this problems, ecach time I have the error with the activation. I am not able to run sucessufully my process

I have reinstalled many times but still facing issues in executing the workflow. Please advise