Studio Uninstalled itself and now needs a License Key

Hello there! I have no idea what happened and I am really stressing out right now. I went to log into my UiPath Studio and for some reason it was uninstalled? I had to reinstall it and now it is asking for me an License Key. The thing is, I never actually got a License Key. I am not sure what to do now or even who to contact over this? Any help would be amazing because now I can’t continue the course.


Are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of UIpath studio ?

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Hello! @lakshman I am using the enterprise edition for UiPath Studio!

Hello @MiahH

for the continuing course …you will use community Edition

as far as License issue @loginerror @ovi guys helps you



I guess you are using Trail version of UIpath studio and if yes then you got mail from UIpath and it contains license key.

For practice purpose, use Community Edition of UIpath.

Thank you guys!

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Hi again @lakshman I am working through the free Community Edition but when I try to run my program is says " To execute processes, please activate license." This just started and I am not really sure why since I am going through the Community Edition. Do you know why I am receiving this error? And how I can fix it?

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Have you activated license or not ?

And also are you behind any Firewall or using any Anti virus and may be chances that Anti virus will block UIpath Studio.

Could you please disable anti virus and check once or Try in some other Network.

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This might be help full to you!

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