Project Version Error


I am trying to convert excel into dictionary using “Excel To Dictionary” activity but i am getting “Error detecting project version”.

Is this due to some missing dependencies if yes, which?
I am using studio 2019.7.0

Thanks in advance.



Are you using this component ?

Hi @Aishwarya_Thakur

This error will occur if the process developed on a newer version of Studio is being opened/executed on an older version.

Specifically, two scenarios are possible:

  1. You have created a project on Studio CE 2019.7 and you are trying to open it with 2019.6
  2. You have created a project on Studio CE 2019.7 and you are trying to run it via Orchestrator on a machine that has an older version of Studio CE/Robot installed.

In both cases, updating to the latest version 2019.7 on all machines you use is the advised fix :slight_smile:

@lakshman Yes

@loginerror I am using the same version for both purpose

the error still persist. Just for the information the creation and execution of the workflow is being done in the same version and i am not dealing with Orchestrator


Hi @Aishwarya_Thakur

Could you maybe try with a new project and see if it helps?

If not, could you do a clean install of your Studio. See here for a detailed guide:

This should fix the issue.

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That worked.
Thank you @loginerror :slight_smile:

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