[Action Needed] Community Edition licenses migration to Studio Pro license type / offering

After May 18th, we are planning to update our community platform to add support for the new Studio Pro product. All community users need to upgrade to version 20.4 of Studio before that date to ensure uninterrupted access to the product. We will follow-up with an update on a more precise date after May 18th.

Please read on for more information and background on this change.

Last week marked an important milestone for our newest release of Studio 20.4 which was pushed to the Stable channel on Monday, May 5th.

With this release, we launched our newest member of the Studio family of products - Studio Pro - which will be available to community users and include all the new 20.4 features - detailed here.

In the upcoming period we will be rolling out the Studio Pro offering to all our Community customers and as we do that, the following changes will gradually take place:

  • New Cloud Platform Community accounts: starting with Monday, May 11th, all new Cloud Platform Community cloud accounts will receive 2 x StudioPro licenses
  • Existing Cloud Platform Community accounts: after May 18th (exact date to be communicated) we will be migrating the licenses for all existing Community cloud accounts, from the existing 2 x Studio type licenses to the new 2 x StudioPro offering.


  • No impact for users licensing Studio locally as Community.
  • Customers who are licensing Studio through Cloud Platform Community will be impacted by the planned license migration. Please go through the required actions below for more details.

Actions required for customers licensing Studio through Cloud Platform Community:

  • Please make sure you update your Studio to the latest 20.4 version. Studio versions lower than 20.4 will stop working for Community users after the migration will be complete.

Normally, your Studio will automatically upgrade to 20.4.1 thanks to the Studio Community Edition auto-update feature. As such, no further action is needed, apart from verifying that you are using 20.4.1.

You can check you version in the bottom left corner of Studio backstage view. It should show 20.4.1:
If it is not the case for you, you can download the latest Studio Community installer from our Cloud Platform at platform.uipath.com . More information here .

If there are any questions or concerns that we can help with, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!


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A post was merged into an existing topic: I developed my workflow on STUDIO V 2020.4.1 and it was runnning all good , then it had an automatic upgrade to STUDIO PRO , now I m unable to run my code

For those of you following this thread, we have posted the next steps here: Automation Cloud - Licenses migration to Studio Pro for all Community users

Thank you!


Awesome news.

I take it that we should expect minimal to no interruptions during the migration process so long as we have the correct Studio version (20.4+).

It’s up to us to make sure that the required changes are made in the:

  1. Cloud platform (Services)and
  2. Orchestrator…

Restart Robot Assistant, Studio and bingo, we’re in Studio Pro nirvana. :joy:

June 22nd can’t come soon enough

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