Automation Cloud - Licenses migration to Studio Pro for all Community users

We are now ready to move to our second phase and migrate the Studio type licensees for all Automation Cloud - Community users to the new Studio Pro license type. More details about this can be found here.

The change will start on Monday 6/22 and after completion all Automation Cloud - Community users will have 2 x Studio Pro licenses. Please note that it will take up to one day for the change to reach all customers.

No disruption in service is expected to happen before or after the change.

Once the update is complete, all Community users will have the option to activate 2 x Studio Pro licenses through our Automation Cloud. Please note that this is a migration and not an addition, the exiting 2 x Studio type licenses will be converted to 2 x Studio Pro type licenses.

If you are an existent user of Automation Cloud and have been licensing your Studio(s) through Automation Cloud the following steps are needed to upgrade your license:

  • As a first step, please make sure you update your Studio to the latest version (20.4+). Studio versions lower than 20.4 are not compatible with the new Studio Pro license type. For details on how to update Studio we’ve added a section below.
  • With your Studio updated to the latest version (20.4+), navigate to your Automation Cloud account > Services > Edit Service > and from the Studios tab allocate one or both Studio Pro license(s) to your service. Depending on your prior allocation you might need to de-allocate one or both Studio type license(s) in order to free up the Studio Pro type licenses.
  • With the Studio Pro license(s) allocated to your service, you now need to open Orchestrator and change the robot type from Studio to StudioPro.
  • Now that you have the done changes in Automation Cloud, all you need to do for the changes to take affect is to restart UiPath Assistant (Robot Agent) and Studio.

Updating Studio: Normally, your Studio will automatically upgrade to the latest version (20.4+) thanks to the Studio Community Edition auto-update feature. As such, no further action is needed, apart from verifying that you are using 20.4.1. You can check you version in the bottom left corner of Studio backstage view. It should show 20.4.1:

If it is not the case for you, you can download the latest Studio Community installer from our Automation Cloud at . More information here.


Cool, i was waiting for that :slight_smile:


Awesome, i look forward to monday :wink:

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:star_struck::heart_eyes:Such a grate news , so excited to experience the new things.:heart_eyes::star_struck:

Thanks for sharing this lovely update!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for sharing I will update

Can I get community forum membership certificate

Is there change will been happened with current studio robot, and for the new one is it totally free like the old one or not as I using it for testing.

And how exactly will this update affect our current Community Edition license?

You will get more features :slight_smile: (Studio license is being replaced by the Studio Pro license for all Community Edition users who license their Studio via free Automation Cloud Orchestrator instance)


Great stuff!


Looking forward for new features🤞

Hello SenzoD can we share screen on zoom please i need you to tutor me

Thanks! Just did the change. :slight_smile:

Great … Waiting for that… Thanks!

The licenses for testing bots will be affected ?

Can I use AI Fabric in community version with this update?

I believe AI Fabric is only available either with Cloud Enterprise or a Cloud Enterprise Trial.


Thanks, If i request for Enterprise Trial will I be able to continue using community version after the trial period expires?

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