Community Orchestrator will soon be upgraded with Studio Pro Community licenses

Community Orchestrator will soon be upgraded with Studio Community Pro licenses

You might have noticed that we have officially released our 20.4.0 version on our Studio Community stable channel. Learn below why it’s worth it (and necessary) to check if you have been upgraded to Studio Community 20.4.0 version.

Normally, your Studio will automatically upgrade to 20.4.0 thanks to the Studio Community Edition auto-update feature. As such, no further action is needed, apart from verifying that you are using 20.4.0.

You can check you version in the bottom left corner of Studio backstage view. It should show 20.4.0:
If it is not the case for you, you can download the latest Studio Community installer from our Cloud Platform at More information here.

:loudspeaker: Community Orchestator will soon be upgraded with the Studio Pro Community licenses :loudspeaker:

To allow access to all Studio Pro features for our Studio Community users who use it with our Community Orchestator, we will be performing a license upgrade for all Community Orchestator users.

Therefore, all Studio licenses granted by Community Orchestator will be upgraded to Studio Pro Community.

:exclamation: Versions older than 20.4.0 will stop working :exclamation:

Studio Community installations with version lower than 20.4.0 will no longer ‘understand’ the Studio Pro license provided by Community Orchestator.

As such, not having upgraded your Studio installations to 20.4.0 before the Community Orchestator licensing update will result in Studio not being able to launch.

Studio Community licensed locally will not be affected.


Waht is this Community licence? Can I still get one?

I’m architect and developer at our company (Enterprise segment), but I’m now considering using UIPath for private purpose as well. But we payed a buttload of money for the licences - way to much for me as a private person…

thx & regards


Hello The above is not related to Enterprise License (for now)
Studio Pro version has additional features such as Mobile Automation and Test Case.
It will be reflected in the 2020.04 FTS Enterprise version soon, but right now it is in the public preview (community version).

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I know… Have you read my post? I want to use UIPath privatley…


Good Luck for the upgrade. Hope everything smooth.

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Hi Dave. Our software is free to use for individuals and small businesses - you can find details and access the Community Edition here:


Hello @Dave.Remmel,

You can use UiPath privately. All you have to do is to register for an Orchestrator Cloud account HERE

When your account is activated and you are logged in, go to the Resource Center page using the vertical menu you should see on the left of your screen, on it you should see Resource Center; from there you can download UiPath Studio (Community Edition) and installed on your machine.

Once installed, you activate Studio from Orchestrator. You can get more info from this post.

I hope this helps?


What about UiPath Assistant or UiPath Robot? It’s saying that service isn’t available to me.

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Hi @loginerror

Nice. Is there any deadline set for upgrading?
Will the tool be launched offline and continue working OR to be connected to internet when launching the studio when moved license to studio?

Karthik Byggari

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Is your Robot machine connected to your Cloud Orchestrator account? Can you login and confirm?

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Upgraded by CE Studio to:


Had to uninstall my old Studio and Robots.

Currently connected to Orchestrator.

Next step is to open up my projects in the new Studio and hope that everything goes well.

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When ready, we will come back with a follow-up announcement and more details (however, it should be a seamless upgrade).

We are currently monitoring the deployment rate and will upgrade the licenses with most users already on the latest version :slight_smile:


@loginerror How would we know if the upgrade is effected? Are we going to see that in Studio or in Orchestrator?

Will this upgrade break anything that we should be aware of?


It will be seamless from user perspective. The only thing you will notice is that next time you start your Studio, you will have more features :slight_smile:

As to the timeline, we will let everyone know exactly when it will be done (we’re waiting until everyone is on 20.4.0).


Hello sir, I have a problem regarding completing an RPA advance assignment can you please help me out ? i will be waiting for your valuable reply sir thank you

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@afe.araromi Could you please tell me if the instructions mentioned on the reference post you have suggested are also applicable if I want to connect StudioX to Orchestrator? (The post seems for connecting Studio with Orchestrator)
I need this for Reboot My Skills program. I saw similar issue was faced to another user and addressed in one of Reboot Your Skills program- Office hours session.
Would appreciate your help!!

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I still don’t have StudioPro

how to request it ?

please help

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For now, to get Studio Pro you have to disconnect from Orchestrator and license your Studio locally. You can then temporarily switch your Robot in Orchestrator to consider this local license first (it is a checked on the Robot settings pop-up in Orchestator).


Hi, In the resource center for community edition , we have studio/studioX download option available. But I am looking for Studio-Pro. How can I access Studio Pro? Because I am trying to create a test automation Process. Any help?

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Hi @Madhan_gopal

Community Edition is actually Studio Pro :slight_smile:

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