Studion Community Edition 2010.10 update error

My CE Studio has auto updated for several days ago to beta version 2019.10. Since then I’ve been experiencing problems with packages and project dependencies. When I open an old project, all the packages I have installed are there but some of them do not execute correctly anymore.

When I start a new process all the packages I have previously installed are gone, apart from the 4 in the picture below:

Now I have reinstalled the studio according to the following instructions How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues.
I chose to install the stable Version 19.9.2. Now when I open the Studio from the Start menu on my PC it opens in version 2019.10.0 beta.185 CE. Is it how it should work?

Could someone please help me to stabilize studio? Or do we now need to download the packages for every new project?

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Not sure what version of Studio were you using previously but the packages per project feature has been added to 2018.3 so it is like these for more than 1 year.

And yes, this is expected and it has lot of benefits. These 4 packages are added by default but you can create your own template (using Save as Template) in case you want to have more packages as default for new projects.

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What are the errors that the old packages are showing?

Thank you for your answer! Didn’t expect it that quick :slight_smile:

I downloaded the CE edition studio in May and didn’t need to manage the packages for new projects until now. How do I create a new template for the frequently used packages?

Thank you :slight_smile:
I used a package from one of the UiPath partners to upload documents. Now after I reinstalled the studio it seems to work fine again.

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