Workflow editing restricted even with no robots running

This is my first post here so please let me know if this is wrong place to post this.

I’m having an issue where UiPath refuses to let me edit any workflows - I get an error when starting the studio stating that there’s an attended robot in use and that workflow editing is restricted because of that. Only problem is that I haven’t been running any robots on the machine in a week and the UiPath Robot has been closed for about an hour. In the Orchestrator the only robot I have set up is showing as “Unused”.

Is this a known issue or am I simply doing something wrong here? I have restarted the UiPath studio couple of times and restarted the machine and checked in the Orchestrator that the robot is not in active use but still the error remains. Any tips are welcome.

Hi @Morkkis

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I would suggest a computer restart first.
If not, a clean reinstallation of UiPath Studio should fix the issue. See this guide for extra info: