Studio Community Edition - how to properly backup your settings

Please note that this guide is valid only for updating your Studio CE directly from the .EXE installer file. Your settings will NOT be removed if:

  • your Studio CE is auto-updated
  • you have Enterprise installation from the .MSI installer

This short guide will show you how to backup your Studio settings. You will want to backup them before reinstalling Studio CE from the .exe installer. This is needed because the process of re-installation wipes the UiPath folder and all its content before proceeding with the installation.
(this also means that you should not store any sensitive files in the UiPath installation folder!)

New versions have the settings saved under:



Older versions

To backup your files, simply copy the files marked in yellow from this location to any other location outside of the UiPath folder:


When the installation is completed, please close the Studio and copy these files back to this location. Your settings will be back when you run your Studio from Start menu :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that these might sometimes break if you are on Preview channel and update to each most recent Preview version. This is because in rare situations the settings schema is changed in different Previews in-between of stable releases, and only the compatibility between the Stable releases is guaranteed.


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