Studio Community Renew - Error code:0

today , when i open the studio, it shows me that is expired, so i clicked the first Renew also succeed on web. But when i restart the studio, it still shows me expired, after click shows below.

Can anyone help to answer my questions? Thanks a lot!!!

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Could you please try to connect this machine with orchestrator and then try once.

i can’t connect this robot to orch , and i needn’t to connect.
Aside connect to Orch, it’s there other way to solve? Will the version be the reason?


Please check below thread and may be it will help to you.

Error renewing community licence

it won’t work even after i changed E-mail address to renew, This link you shared, their problem is already been activate, but mine is can’t renew, server license expired…
Any other thought to solve this?


Have you tried to connect this machine with orchestrator or not ?

Ok. It seems like some issue UIpath license server and many people are facing this issue from yesterday onwards.

@loginerror @ovi @Pablito

Could you please check this one and let us know.

i didn’t try to connect my machine with Orch because company requested.
Looking forward to hearing you all’s reply, i really appreciated your help!!!

Device ID:Q52TkXCBuGQePpvj4mPk (I paste it as text in case you need)

Again, thanks!!@loginerror @ovi @Pablito

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Hi @pitaty

Please see this guide:

It should help you resolve your issue.

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