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So I updated some of my packages and now there is no longer a search feature in the activities pane. Apparently it is now necessary to use the universal search. UIPath team, please put the activities search back. I use it quite a bit and it is a pain to have to go to the upper right of the IDE every time I want to search for an activity.

Thank you.


What version of UIpath are you using ?

Hi @martygassner

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Could you provide a screenshot? This seems like a corrupted installation of either Studio or activity packages (especially the UiAutomation one).

A screenshot of the issue would help a lot.

I’m having the same error.

Please find the screen shot

Hi @9942055603

Please reinstall your Studio. It should fix the issue :slight_smile:

Hi Friend,

Its got it fixed just now. But no need to reinstall the studio. If the Uipath.sytem and Uipath.Uiautomation activity is reinstalled in the manage package then it will work fine.

Anyway thanks for your quick response.:innocent:

Suresh Kumar S

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