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While connecting to the Orchestrator from my machine its giving this error. Please help.Capture


Provide the Orchestrator URL as mentioned in the below post and then check it.

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Still getting the same issue. Please someone help.


Could you please try below mentioned steps.

The issue might be due to Orchestrator URL provided in Robot.
You need to provide Orchestrator URL as :- https://platform.uipath.com/[AccountName]/[ServiceName] instead of https://platform.uipath.com. Try it out, worked for me :slight_smile:

Sorry the correct URL is

Could you please tell me how to get the AccountName and ServiceName ?

Login to Uipath Cloud your credentials :- https://cloud.uipath.com
Service will be mentioned on the landing page itself.
You select the service and reach the orchestrator home page
Select User Profile from top right.
Open Profile.
Name will be listed there.

Easiest way to find the URL for connecting orchestrator would be to navigate to Orchestrator home page and select the url before orchestrator.
For Eg my url comes like this


I am still getting the same error. I can connect to the orchestrator from my office. This error only comes when i try to connect to orchestrator from my home wifi.