Regex help tutorial MEGAPOST – Making your first Regex post, Reusable Regex Patterns, Regex Troubleshooting, Sample Workflow and more


If you need help with Regex be sure to provide in your post, a Sample, the Output and the Pattern (as much as you know).

Section :one: : I need a Regex Pattern ASAP! :fast_forward: - My first Regex Post :boy:
Section :two: : Regex samples that you can use! :nerd_face:
Section :three: : I need help applying regex in UiPath :raised_hand:
Section :four: : Regex Matches and Groups :people_holding_hands:
Section :five: : Learn Regex in 60 mins :green_book:
Section :six: : HELP Regex isn’t working in UiPath!!! :scream: – Regex Troubleshooting

CLICK HERE to Download this UiPath Studio REGEX DEMO (13.0 KB)
Watch this UiPath Regex Tutorial in less than 2 mins:
Regex + 1 Assign activity = Result (in String)

SECTION :one: : I need a Regex Pattern ASAP! :fast_forward: - My first Regex Post :boy:

If you truly need help please provide the following AS A MINIMUM.

  1. SAMPLE - Provide a sample (or 3) of your raw text in your post (or upload a notepad file or PDF )
  2. OUTPUT - Provide the output after the raw text (bolding of the output helps also – optional )
  3. PATTERN - What is always consistent? Tell us as much as possible about the pattern of the text (example: It will ALWAYS be 2 capital letters, a space, then 4-6 numbers)


  • Provide as much information as possible. Every little bit helps and you will get a stronger Regex Pattern in less posts.
  • Will it change? (Capital letters, combination/amount of words/numbers, how many spaces does it have, is it consistent?)
  • Is there multiple matches or just one in your text?
  • Are you using OCR?
  • Can you use Regex in UiPath?

Regex relies heavily on finding a pattern that is constant and specific enough to match all occurrences but without false positives.

Spend 5-10 minutes making a quality post and I GUARANTEE :crossed_fingers: it will save you time in replies and you will have an answer MUCH faster from a UiPath Forums Hero :superhero: :woman_superhero: - they might even give you back an actual working UiPath solution :open_mouth: (it’s a great community :white_check_mark: full of Champions :nerd_face: so save everyone some time :clock1030: and submit a quality post)

Here is an example forum post:

" Hi All

I need a regex pattern to grab the state and postcodes from the below text.

  • Sample text provided below
  • The expected output I am seeking is below:
    • RI 55924
    • VA 34075
    • AK 86847
  • The pattern of the text: The State will always be two capital letters, a single space and the ZIP code will always be 5 numbers following that.* (AB 12345)

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Sample text:

Dave Martin
173 Main St., Springfield RI 55924

Charles Harris
969 High St., Atlantis VA 34075

Eric Williams
806 1st St., Faketown AK 86847"

End of post…

You will have a response from the UiPath community with an answer in no time! [A-Z]{2}\s[\d]{5}

Remember, Sample, Output and Pattern. SOP.

Check out this great post about asking the right question in the UiPath Community Forum :slight_smile:

SECTION :two: : Regex samples that you can use! :nerd_face:
(I STRONGLY recommend watching this video first - Learning and Understanding Regex)

Click the hyperlinks below for the full sample text.

*This is not an exhaustive Regex list. If you are unsure if you have a robust pattern, make a post to verify.

When to use: When you have a fixed word that wont change and need to match the string after or before.

Anchor Samples below (will grab the word John Smith):
Words in the brackets can be replaced but MUST be exact (or literal).

Name Example 1:
Payee: John Smith

Regex pattern: (?<=Payee: ).*
Comments: Fine to use if it’s the only string on the current line.

Name Example 2:
John Smith – Payee

Regex pattern: .*(?= - Payee)
Comments: Fine to use if it’s the only string on the current line.

Name Example 3:
Payee - John Smith - Account

Regex pattern: (?<=Payee\s-\s).*(?=\s-\sAccount)
Comments: This will capture everything between the words “Payee – " and " – Account”. This solution should be fine to use as long the words Payee and Account are constant.

Account Numbers Example
145 567 981

Regex pattern: \d{3}.\d{3}.\d{3,4}
Comments: The above pattern will match 3 digits followed by anything followed by 3 digits followed by anything followed by 3 or 4 digits.

Date Examples

Regex Pattern: \d{1,2}.\d{1,2}.20\d{2}
Comments: This pattern will work for the next 100 years and will match all three examples above (because of the “.”)

Time Examples

Regex Pattern: \d{1,2}:\d{1,2}
Comments: 1 or 2 digits separated by a “:” followed by 1 or 2 digits.

Email Examples
Email Regex can be very challenging and can change depending on domains.
Below is a sample solution but test, test, test to ensure its fit for purpose.


Regex pattern: ([a-zA-Z0-9_-.]+)@([a-zA-Z0-9_-.]+)\b
Comments: Ensure you have tested that it will work with your email domains and so on.

SECTION :three: : I need help applying regex in UiPath :raised_hand:

Watch this 10 min video from @AndersJensen (Best YouTube Channel for UiPath in my opinion)

This is the process:

  1. You will need to first get your raw text into UiPath.
  2. Then you will need to use a ”Matches" activity.
  3. The Pattern will be the Regex Pattern/solution from the forum post.
  4. Input will be your Raw Text variable
  5. Result will be the output which is a variable type called an “IEnumerable” .


What is an IEnumerable?” you say, well:

  • An IEnumarable is a collection of results (like an array).
  • Even if you only have one result it will still be treated as a collection.
  • To get the result, you will need to type a digit in brackets after to reference the result and group. 0 = is the first result only, 1 = the second result:
    • VARIABLE(0).Tostring
    • VARIABLE(0).Value

Download this UiPath Regex Demo I made so you can see what to do.xaml (13.0 KB)

SECTION :four: : Regex Matches and Groups :people_holding_hands:
When using Regex you will always have a full match but sometimes your Regex pattern might be made up of 1 or more groups. The number of groups can be 0. Having groups may also be an intentional design (to make the pattern robust) so you can grab elements later – like the year or month separately.

Take a look at this solution for an example

To get Group 1:

To get Match 2:

To get Match 3:

Then use an assign activity and update the capital letters with the variable from the Result field in the Matches Activity.

Download this UiPath Regex Demo I made so you can see what to do.xaml (13.0 KB)

SECTION :five: : Learn Regex in 60 mins :green_book: (and understand Regex for next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

To learn Regex there are a number of tutorials on YouTube but I STRONGLY recommend these videos:

To Understand and Learn Regex watch this video - 38mins:
Regular Expressions (Regex) Tutorial: How to Match Any Pattern of Text. I personally watched this video and started here. Tip : take screenshots and save them in MS Word :brain:

How to apply those learnings in UiPath watch this video - 11mins:
UiPath | Matches and Regex | Simple and Complete Tutorial. This tutorial is simple and concise. One of MANY amazing tutorials by the great @AndersJensen!

To Practice Regex, use the samples from the 1st video’s description and head over to the following sites:

Please note - the MOST compatible site with UiPath is .NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm NOT There are differences between and UiPath. is more popular because of the following features:

  • share\save your patterns with users on the forums. Using the “Save Regex” function (ctrl + s) in the top left of the window – like this custom save.
  • understand your regex pattern/result from the Explanation section (Red :red_circle: circled section to understand).
  • improve your pattern using the Quick Reference section (Green :green_circle: circled section) – its a great tool and I still use it regularly to refresh/brush-up.

SECTION :six: : HELP Regex isn’t working in UiPath!!! :scream: – Regex Troubleshooting
On occasion reading a PDF (or other documents) and storing it as a string will cause an error with UiPath.

UiPath will give you error messages like:

  • “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, Or
  • “Illegal characters found in path”.’



1st step is to always triple check your Properties (Regex input, Regex Pattern and the Output).

Some Possible cause/s:

  • Possible Cause 1: One possibility is you didn’t get a match and you need to check your sample data. Is the text mandatory? Is your Regex Pattern robust? Are you using OCR?

The solution: You need to check the count of the results to a message box. To do this insert the following into a message box:
(Replace capitals with your actual Result/Output variable in the Matches Activity). Also use an IF condition to error handle your workflow (see image).

Like user:ClaytonM has suggested here in this post.

  • Possible Cause 2: Another reason is on occasion UiPath thinks there are invisible characters (whether there is or not) and can’t find a match or process because of the illegal/special characters. This can happen with a folder path also. (Please don’t ask why because I don’t know :laughing:)

The Solution: – Is simple, you must trick UiPath by “CLEANING” your variable using the replace method (Use a Replace Activity to filter/remove unwanted characters).

Check out this UiPath Regex Demo with a CLEAN STRING example.xaml (13.0 KB)

DirtyVariable= Dave Martin
173 Main St., Springfield RI 55924

CleanVariable = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(DirtyVariable, “[^a-z A-Z 0-9]”, “”)
This will replace all characters except these: (^a-z A-Z 0-9) with nothing (""). Update the brackets in the above as necessary.

CleanVariable = Dave Martin6155557164173 Main St Springfield RI 55924davemartinbogusemailcom

This text will now be 100% suitable for Regex. If you wanted to keep the spaces just add a “\s” to the “[ ]” brackets.

Some developers will clean all strings before using them.

SECRET :male_detective: BONUS SECTION: Celebrate you Regex Champion! :love_you_gesture: :man_student: :champagne:
Thanks for reading this far :blush:

Please bookmark this post, show it some support by clicking the :heart: and share it with new users.

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Feel free to message me :email: if you have a Regex problem but make sure you provide SOP as per Section :one: (Sample, Output, Pattern).
Also, Rookie UiPath Developers you REALLY need to subscribe to @AndersJensen on YouTube (here is a link to his channel) and check out his dedicated playlist for Rookies (UiPath Tutorial: The Basics for beginners). Anders has the best UiPath content on YouTube in my opinion (that’s a whole other post though).

Remember there are PLENTY of Regex legends :brain: on the forums! (I am simply a Regex Lover and aspiring to help as many people as I can)

The forum chamions I see on the forums are: supermanPunch @Palaniyappan, Pratik_Wavhal, @ppr, msan, @Yoichi, bcorrea, Pradeep_Shiv, Pablito, lakshman, Arpit_Kesharwani, Anthony_Humphries and mzahid).
I can only tag 4 users in this post but just put a ‘@’ in front of the usernames… All are amazing :brain: in my book :smiley:

Hopefully you found this post helpful and the standard of Regex posts improves in the forums :blush:

Happy Automation!


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Firstly, thank you everyone for your AMAZING :star_struck: response and support! :blush:

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