Help with linking Excel cell value with Regex pattern

Hi everyone. I’ve managed to find a regex pattern which extracts number values in various formats example: 1239, $1239.00, 1,239 - That works fine. I have an excel cell value example: 2435, I take this value, loop through a folder of pdfs. I have managed to turn the pdfs into text. Once in the folder I want the 2435 to match the Invoice total if there are the same send a message box that the numbers match. 2435 - excel cell value, can be written as $2435.00, 2,435.00 in the Invoices - How am i able to link the cell value with regex patten so it can find the same number regardless of pattern in the invoice. Here is the pattern - \d+(.\d+)?. Whats the best way to do this?

Hi @Mpumi_Setshedi

Please read this post

Also, provide the sample input and output with all the possibilities.

Alternate Approach

Try to extract the invoice amount from PDFs and some unique id say invoice number and save them in a Data Table.
You already have the excel of invoice amount, read this excel into data table by using Read Range Activity and then compare both the table using the Join.