How to save only specific keyword from DB

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I would like to save only specific keyword that begins with ‘NQ311’ from DB.

Could you please let me know how to save it like this?
NQ31135517 (10 digits)

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Use matches activity with regular expression “(NQ311)\w+”

Below screenshot for ref

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Hi @Printf7 ,

Another possible solution would be to use the following statement:


For a better understanding of how these things works, please check our colleagues mega post

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I really appreciate about your answer!

However, I hope to use the DB (DataTable type) not Excel file.
In this case, How should I do…?

Data is

There is a additional questions.
How can I modify the data from DB (DataTable)? (not excel)
544(0.14%) (text type) → 544 (number type)


You have to loop through the data table using for each row and then assign value to
row(“Page”)=output of regular expression I explained above

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I really appreciate about your help!
It works well!!!


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