How to use text to column?

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I have an excel file that have data in it and I want to do text to column whereby the result (as screenshot) would add a new column (“Team ID”) with the team ID and removing the brakcets “(” and “)”.


Additional question: If the original column is not in Column A? Can this work if the column that I want to do text to column is in Column D.

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You can split the Team Members table (column A) into the Team Members & Team ID table (columns C&D) simply by using the regex functionality.
Please refer to this post it to better understand how to find your regex pattern and how to integrate it within the UiPath

Regarding the additional question, the answer is yes. You can make reference to a datatable column by its name.
It looks like: yourDT.Rows(yourDT.Rows.Count-1)("Team Members") - this is if you would like to add a new record at the bottom of a table which has the “Team Members” column

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Hi @Bonus

Please find the attached zip file for your reference. Feel free to reach us at any time if you have any doubt. Thanks.

Spliting (42.3 KB)

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Thanks. Looks like this is a popular option.

Thanks. This is simple and neat.

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