How to extract a specific word from a string using REGEX in uipath?

From the following string pattern i want to take the value starting only from :21:


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This link will be useful for you

Also please write the output string required

So out of 4 lines, you wanted only line 2? What is your expected output if matched?? Something like this…??


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@prasath17 Actually i need a entire line alone which is starting from :21. Like you have highlighted.

Then, please try the pattern as shown above…it should work unless you have some different variations…

@prasath17 It is not selecting the whole line. Please find below.


Try to run it as it is and check the output. Sometimes the builder doesn’t show the correct match.

@kumar.varun2 The same way i just wanted to take only :61: lines. But it is selecting extra chars from next line as well. How to resolve this?

Try with


@kumar.varun2 Tried running, but it says that the input value is Null, but there is a value which i have handled before this activity.


Check for the input given to Matches activity.

It is working now. Thank you guys. :slight_smile: @kumar.varun2 @prasath17