How to put Regex capturing groups into uipath

Hi All,

I have a PDF I am scraping text from, that is all working. I am trying to then extract an address using Regex that span across 4 lines.

Usual place of residence 22 ROY ROAD


State NT

Postcode 6302

I would like to extract the details for each line after the space, e.g: Usual place of residence 22 ROY ROAD, I only want the “22 ROY ROAD”

I have been provided the following in

This gives me the required results in the substitution, however I am not sure how to put that into uipath so it uses the substitution answer

Any guidance would be appreciated


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have a look here:

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Hello @LB34

From your Regex Result variable you can access the groups like this:


Update the capital letters.

Change the 1 to 2,3,4 to access the other lines.

Hopefully this helps

See section 4 of the Megapost from @ppr’s post.


Thank you I will have a look at the example you provided in megapost.
Appreciate the quick reply :slight_smile:

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