Find specifig word and catch following then send to excel in batch


I am now trying days to parse PDF files and create an Excel with needed data. Actually no big deal, there is a good tutorial video out there. Unfortunately my PDF is not showing up sections so I can’t go that way.

I need to find a workaround to search for a word “Date:” and have UIPath taking the following characters, lets say 10 caracters.

Is there any way handling this?

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You can try regex for this

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is there any help page for regex and how to process in total? I am pretty new to UIP

Hi @dano
Check this

Also if you can share more details about your usecase i can help on that

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Hi @dano ,

You can try this as a reference to get value from Date:
GetValueAfterColon.xaml (5.9 KB)

hi guys,

thnaks a lot.

How can I use regex in a process? Sorry, I am at the very beginning.

I can’t attach a file so I share a link to the PDF


I need to fetch these data:

Vom: …
Innenauftragsnummer: …
Gesamt Netto …

Thanks for your help