Extract Product Name and Price from PDF without using OCR

I am having an issue grasping the best way to do what the title suggest. I want to extract Product Names (lines) and corresponding prices from a PDF, whereafter the goal is to multiply all of these corresponding prices with some number (a logistics cost) but without using OCR…
i need by Regex

How do I tell UI Path to take the numbers next to the product names (AND NOT any other number)?
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Hello @Priyanga_Karnan and welcome to the community.

First you need to read the PDF file and understand what your text looks like in UiPath.

Step 1:
CLick on Manage Packages in UiPath.
Find this package in the official package section: UiPath.PDF.Activities
Use a Read PDF activity.

Then use a “Write Line” activity - export the result into notepad. Keep it handy.

Step 2: Learn Regex or Make a Post
Be sure to include:

  • A sample (notepad file from step 1)
  • Highlight the expected OutPut
  • Tell us about the Pattern of the text.

(If you do this you will have a robust Regex Pattern in likely less than an hour or two).

Check out my Regex New Users MegaPost to learn about Regex.

You will need to use a Matches activity (or Assign) to get the result into the desired string variable ready to insert into your process.

I hope this helps.

Plenty of gurus on the forums.



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I have to extract the details like Product, description, Quantity and Price from the PDF file.
i need to extract using the regular expression

can i have code for Product
Input -Product
output - A339937


Happy to help

THank you for providing the outputs. But we will need a Sample.
Once you have it in UiPath ->Click OutPut ->Click he logfile image (red circle) then upload the file or paste the contents here.

Then we can get you a Regex Pattern.

Hi @Priyanga_Karnan

Can you provide the text file in which you Write the data from PDF using Read PDF Text Activity ?

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