How to extract particular data from a multiple pdf that have multiple pages using anchor base,find element,get text?

Hi all,

I need to fetch several data from a multiple pdf that have multiple pages(Invoice bill). want to be done using achor base. Trying with find element,get text but could’nt extract. Any helps are welcome.Thanks in advance.

Note:I couldnt attach files here but any invoice bill can do the work.

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Hi @Nithish_kumar

Can you please check this Activities.Hope this help you.


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Thanks for your response @Latika10011740. Let me check, I will use this activity if I’m going to extract data using regex or string manipulation.
But here I’m going to use anchor base.


I have some examples of Regex anchors in Section :two: of my Regex Megapost. Link below.

Be sure to download the UiPath workflow demo in the post.

Thanks for your response @Steven_McKeering. I have done this task using regex. Now im trying to do with anchor base activity and by find element and get text activity.I hope you get my point. :grinning:

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Can you provide Sample, Output and Pattern of text please :slight_smile:

sorry I couldnt disclose here. Any invoice bill with multiple pages can do the work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is an example of anchor. Example


Im trying with this anchor base acitivity.

You are going to need to read the document then use Regex…there may be another way but not sure how sorry…

Check this Regex101 link.

You will need a matches activity with this regex pattern:
(?<=Purchase Order: )\d+

Download this UiPath Regex Demo

yeah I have done this before using regex by reading pdf and checking for the regex mathces and its working fine. Now im trying to do with this anchor base.

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Okay then.

I’m not an expert with using the anchor base activity but I think it depends on the way the PDF is built.

Thanks for your help @Steven_McKeering.

Im also just trying this Let me see.

@Nithish_kumar Check the AnchorPosition of anchor based activity in the properties panel. And also modify the selector of find element activity to extract data from multiple pdf.

@Vrushali_Gave I have checked the anchor position its top and also have selected particular region in find element activity, but still its not fetching the exact data.

@Nithish_kumar Used send Hot key activity and pass Ctrl+1 to make pdf in actual size.
Then again select particular region and Run it.

@Nithish_kumar Properly set the AnchorPosition as per your anchor data which you are goining to extract.

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@Vrushali_Gave I have passed Ctrl+1 and made changes in adobe also after making the pdf to actual size i have selected the particular region and my data is like
Purchase Order
so I have mentioned position as top.Please correct me if im wrong.

@Nithish_kumar Yes it right. Are you getting exact result now?

@Vrushali_Gave Nope Im not getting so only posted query here.