How to extract specific part from a string using specific separator and add those string in an array/collection and loop through it

Hi Team,

I have a string like this :- ‘18-25’!C11 + ‘18-25’!C57 - ‘18-25’!C86
The specific part of the string is separated by + or - … Here we can have any number of separators here which is + or -.

I have to extract the string on the basis or + or - and add that part in an array and collection and will loop through array
for ex:- for string ‘18-25’!C11+‘18-25’!C57-‘18-25’!C86
I get 3 extracted strings which is :- ‘18-25’!C11 , ‘18-25’!C57 and 18-25’!C86

Now I have to add these strings in an array or that the first item will be to loop through is ‘18-25’!C11 , second will be ‘18-25’!C57 and the third will be 18-25’!C86.
Here the main string will be of any length, here in this case I get 3 sub - strings but it can be more also.

Please help

Would the + or - you want to split the string on, always be before a single quote ( ’ )?

Hi ,

Can you try using these statements in Assign activity

Str var = “‘18-25’!C11+‘18-25’!C57-‘18-25’!C86”
Array = str.Split(new String(){"+’","-’"}, StringSplitOptions.None)

I want to split on the basis on of + or - not necessary that it will be before (’)

In your sample string: ‘18-25’!C11+‘18-25’!C57-‘18-25’!C86, how would you differentiate between the ‘-’ in ‘18-25’ and ‘C57-‘18’ ?

Hi , I have implemented it . It is not giving me the desired result

Please change that Quotes . The Copy paste may be different.
Also share the output you are getting.

Yes I noticed the same too, this is the challenge here

as an alternate you can give a try to RegEx:


find starter help here:
Sequence2.xaml (5.6 KB)

Thankyou so much for this solution

Hey I have checked it and its working absolutely fine , but in my case the main string can change a little bit so if you can give me solution on that then it will be a dynamic solution for me.
Like my string can be like this too :- schedule!C11+CFS!C57-karan!C86+verse!C86
I mean the say the string before “!” can change which is schedule in this case schedule!C11
and was ‘18-25’ in earlier case - ‘18-25’!C11+‘18-25’!C57-‘18-25’!C86

your solution works absolutely fine in this case but can you make it more dynamic s0 that it should work in second case too

maybe following will work


you will refer to group 2

for working with groups have a look here:

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Hey I am getting this error for this ,
Screenshot (87)

It passed the tests at my end. Have a look here:
Karan_TestMatches.xaml (6.5 KB)


Hey , This solution works and this solution is so magnificent and you are so technically strong man. Bravo!!

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