How to extract Access Code from email

I want to extract the Access code from the below email (E.g. 2036309 )
Can anyone please help me to get it done.

You requested a one-time access code to log into your member account. Please enter the following access code within the next 10 minutes, and click Submit:
Your One-Time Access Code: 2036309
This is an automated email. Please do not reply to this message.

Thank you for helping us keep your account safe.

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Hi @vaibhav2.chavan,

You can try using regex expression it is easy way to extract Access code.

Refer below Links:

Hope this helps, If it works mark as solution.



For a more detailed response, insert the below Regex Pattern into a “Matches” activity. Write the Result out using a write line activity like this: OUTPUTVARIABLE(0).tostring
(Update the capital letters with the variable name).

Regex Pattern:
Preview the result here

Check out my Regex MegaPost for some more information and how to learn Regex :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps.

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