Query IN Regex match

I have a some content in mail body and i want fetch the specific content from the mail body,
ex-(Full Name: Abcfghjj
Department: hkdkkjdkdj
Job Title: djdjwhdskwjdk
Start Date: dkwdkwjdkw
Report to: dwjdjwjddjd
Office Location: jdjjdjkdjkdjk )
with regex match find only abcdfgh part.


The following post will help you. (especially Section 2)


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Hello @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana,

For example for the Full Name: (?<=Full Name:\s+)\w+$

In brackets, the combination is searched but it is not got in the variable. It searches the word “Full Name:” and \s+ means get more than one space between words. After that, outside the brackets, it is what the variabel gets. \w+$ means that more than one character will be got, and $ means that it is the end of the line.

I think that this kind of combination should work for all variables you want to get. Replace “Full Name:” for the other words (Job Title:, Start Date:, etc).

If you want to get a date use this outside the brackets: [\d/]+$ → “/” this symbol is if you date format is dd/MM/yyyy, if you had the format dd.MM.yyyy or dd-MM-yyyy, replace “/” by “.” or “-”

Hope it helps :slight_smile: