I need to extract the value using regex

I have a data Chethan_p@ gamil.com I need the result like this bellow
Chethan p
How to do in regex
Can anyone explain how to do

Chethan P

@copy_writes - you want don’t want the _ right ?

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Hi @copy_writes

use this regex pattern(Chethan_p) and save it into the string variable (ex: matchRegex)

then Variable getString = matchRegex.ToString.Replace("_", " ")

try this

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Any reason why you require regex? Seems like other methods would be better such as splitting the strings by @ symbol, then using string.replace to replace underscore _ symbols with whitespace characters


@prasath17 i need only chethan p in chethan_P@gmail.com

That was simple and easy and it’s use in another project. so am recommended that.

@copy_writes - Please check the below…in this case, you have to write group1 and group3 output with Spaces to get what you need…check this post on how to write group outputs

I agree with @Dave suggestion, because split and replace would be very easy to write in this case…

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thanks, for giving your valuable time :beers: :clinking_glasses:

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