How can i remove all the links and extra spaces from a email body


I need to remove the links and blank spaces in between paragraphs in the below email body

Can some one help me. I assume we can use Regex but i’m new to that. So would be a great help if some one can share how to

Thanks in Advance


Can you please provide the a sample (paste as a reply or upload the notepad file), the expected output and some information about the text and its pattern?

@Steven_McKeering Can i get you email, i could email a sample email body and the expected output

Copy paste into the post if you can? :slight_smile:

@Steven_McKeering i cannot copy past from message box, what i need is i need to remove all the links between( <https…> )in the above posted image and the extra spaces between lines


I have made this workflow.

Without a sample this might be the best I can do.

Main.xaml (6.0 KB)

Let me know how this goes :slight_smile:

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@Steven_McKeering thanks ill check and get back to you

@Steven_McKeering it worked! thanks alot
I have one more small part to be removed

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 1.08.02 pm

i need to remove the 1st 2 lines (Job application and view applicants) & footer of the above starting with View Profile sentence upto the end of file

  1. Can you swap the message box activity with a “Write Line Activity”
  2. Run again.
  3. Click Output
  4. Then click on the output you want to copy.
  5. Paste the text in a reply post :slight_smile: (This will save me some time :slight_smile: )


“message”: " \nJob applicationView all 137 applicants \nView applicants \nHi Tamba,You have received an application for Network Engineer \nEd sarabosing \nSystem Engineer at EtisalatMelbourne, Australia | TelecommunicationsCurrent*\tSystem Engineer at EtisalatPast*\tNetwork Engineer at BetaIT*\tIT SYSTEMS ENGINEER at A.S. HUSSEINI EST. KSA.\n*\tIT TECHNICAL SPECIALIST at ANALOG DEVICES PHILIPPINES INC.Education*\tAMA UniversityRecommendations0 people have recommended Ed sarabosingConnections24 connectionsContact \nPhone: +61450662597Resume: ED SARABOSING.pdf\nView full profile \n© 2020 LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved.This email was intended for Tamba Sumana (Advisory Mentor at Startupbootcamp). Learn why we included this. \nIf you need assistance or have questions, please contact LinkedIn Customer Service ",

Output should look like:

Hi Tamba,You have received an application for Network Engineer Ed sarabosing System Engineer at Etisalat Melbourne, Australia | Telecommunications Current System Engineer at Etisalat Past Network Engineer at BetaIT IT SYSTEMS ENGINEER at A.S. HUSSEINI EST. KSA.IT TECHNICAL SPECIALIST at ANALOG DEVICES PHILIPPINES INC.Education AMA University Recommendations 0 people have recommended Ed sarabosing Connections 24 connections Contact Phone: +61450662597

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Let me know how this one goes…

Main.xaml (10.5 KB)

If you want to learn more - check out my Regex beginners MEGAPOST :smiley:




@Steven_McKeering thanks it worked! ill follow your beginners post


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@Steven_McKeering i need to remove blank spaces and the circled part from my text, but the text changes email to email, the previous solution you provided me was specific to only one email so bot always took the same email body. This is just a one sample body

And circled part is always same for all emails

Your help is valued



When you say blank spaces - do you mean all major gaps (“ “) or do you mean every single space (“ “)?

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