The best Youtube channel for UiPath Tutorials!

Hello all

I have recently found a great Youtube channel for UiPath Tutorials!

I have looked at many channels but Anders Jensen’s channel(@AndersJensen) is the best channel I have found by far. Here is why:

  • There is wide variety of videos, Excel, Mail, Regex activities etc

  • The tutorials are current

  • The videos are short and concise

  • Anders does a really good job at explaining each step in a simple way for RPA amateurs.

Anders Jensen is getting more subscribers every day. (currently less than 1000). He will have many more soon enough :wink:

@AndersJensen - Keep up the good work!

Feel free to reply with your favourite UiPath Youtube Channel below and why.


Wow, thank you for the kind words, Steven :blush:

Let me continue what could be a very nice thread: I see a lot of RPA/UiPath videoes (as well reading this forum) to stay up to date and get new ideas. It is hard to mention one among all those great content creators, but I like UiPath Hacks. Not the most frequent video creator, but when he publish a new video, it is usually of high techincal quality. You can find the channel here - I do not know his UiPath forum nick, but I am sure he is lurking around :slight_smile:


I am lurking here indeed :slight_smile: Thx Anders !

other than your channel, I also learning from Cristian’s (@Cristian_Negulescu ) channel quite a lot. If you work with SalesForce and are interested in automation, this is a must-watch channel. But even if you don’t, a lot of the knowledge there applies to other areas as well. I believe this is a channel that is worth spreading the word about.


Congrats @AndersJensen on reaching 1000 subscribers on YouTube!

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Thank you, @Steven_McKeering. It went really fast. My next goal is to improve the sound/microphone.

If you (or others) find great new UiPath channels, it would be nice to gather them here. I will try to make a review video of a lot of them at a later point.


Anders Jensen is back again with why he is runs the best UiPath YouTube channel! (in my opinion)

Anders is currently building a playlist dedicated to creating a full UiPath RPA beginner course.

I cannot recommend this channel more for quality content and for growing the UiPath Community. Take a look at the great comments in his videos.

If you have promoted this channel thank you. If you haven’t, please remember to share with a new user!

Anders currently has nearly 2,000 subscribers. Let’s get him some more so he keeps making great content.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to @AndersJensen on Youtube today!


Thank you very much, Steven :blush: The next advanced videos I will post will be a series of LINQ.

Let me recommend another channel:

It is quite new, hence not a lot of videos yet and the creator is Anurag Singh, an experienced developer. The tutorials are quite advanced and filled with RPA best practices. If I have to choose a couple of the great videos, that would probably be how he solve the RPA Challenges. Thumbs up, Anurag.