Ressources for UI Path - Twitter accounts, blogs etc

Hey everyone,

I am new to UI path and therefore i would kindly ask you for some recommendation for resources to follow in order to get inspired and grow.

I’m looking for:

  • Twitter accounts, who may be posting relevant tips and tricks for UI path.
  • Blogs, for tips and tricks. Or showcases of UI path robots.
  • Newsletters
  • Other resources

I would appreciate if you could share some of the resources that you for example have enjoyed and benefited from.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi @mr-ajay,
Welcome to the Community!
From my perspective I can recommend positions from our top Marketplace and Community links. Additionally of course Academy.

Please also let me invite @Vajrang who makes very interesting projects and shows them on his YT channel :slight_smile:

Thank you!
There is definitely something to get inspired from in the Marketplace.

Hi @mr-ajay below i am sharing some resources for uipath,

  1. Sign Up | LinkedIn : Youtube Channel list for learning UiPath

  2. : @sharathraju489

  3. : @prasadsatish

4. : @RPAForEveryone

  1. To learn regex there is good resource posted in forum

Best practices in uipath : Best Practices using UIPATH STUDIO

anyone can add more if i forget any


Nived N


Hi @Pablito please add more resources if you find

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Hi Nived N

Very nice list!
Thanks a lot :pray: