How can i extract 8904231549845 this value from entire item description column and create a new col and insert the value into it?

CASABLABNCA1.xlsx (51.0 KB)

Lets assume yo are interested on the 13digit code. We can use Regex to extract it

Extraction and updating the dedicated row we can do within the block of a for each row

How can i extract and write it back to excel? Please tell me in detail

For working with regex have a look here:

so in general a flow could look lik this:

  • read range
  • for each row
    • regex: Value extraction
    • dedicated column updating
  • write range
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it is taking 2 mints of time for 174 rows is there any other way in which we can reduce the time?

lets get identified which code part is consuming the major block.
Can you check if preserve format was activated while read range?
Maybe you can share some overview screenshot from the implementation of the workflow

Thanks i got the solution

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