Dynamic Regex Build

I want to extract the text (98073416) from a webpage.
The position of the text would be always after "CaseMigrated to BOTID as Case Number: " ,but line number may change so cant use get text activity and then split.
Putting the text in double quotes here , but originally double quotes wont be there.Anyone can give a regex for this ?


DateAnalystActivity TypeDescription
09/20/20 04:53 AM botid001Close CaseNew CASE Created and Closed for BOTID Migration
09/20/20 04:53 AM SYSTEMClose CaseMigrated to BOTID as Case Number: 98073416"

Within a string / text we can use e.g. following anchored RegEx to get the number:

(?<=CaseMigrated to BOTID as Case Number: )\d+

Also have a look here:

In case of your retrieval is different, then we would need some more details on how you retrieve the text from webpage.