How to split large string to get specific element

Hi guys,

I need to fetch only a specific string in the given below image.
Here am doing screen scraping and using for each loop where in each item am getting a large string(given below) which is uneven. I need only ‘Adams, Julie’ (referring to first image ) and ‘Mallouk-PM2,Peter’( referring second image)



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You can use regular expression for Name and based on that you can split string on behalf of all String.

Check this link definitely you will get your answer

you can use matches activity to get the required field by using this pattern (?<=Exec).*


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Hello @Vinutha_L

I have another solution. Try this pattern:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

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Hey @Steven_McKeering

Thanks a ton!! its working perfectly. :heart_eyes:


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