Need help to learn Regex

I would like to learn regex. Could somebody help me to learn it. I don’t have programming background. But I have to use regex in my UiPath projects.

@divakar.reddy Regular Expression Itself is a vast topic. It is Easy To learn but it takes a lot more effort to master it. So I would basically recommend you the following Links.

  1. Get a Head Start with What is Regular Expressions and How to Match a Particular String, and Also Learn What are the Requirements of Matching a Labelled String.

  1. Test Out and experiment what you have learnt from the above topic in this website, Most of the people use this website to check if all regex Matches are working in the right way.
  1. Lastly if you feel that you have got the Grisp of the regular Expressions, You can try out this website that has Regex Challeneges.

Simultaneously, You can also work on the Matches Activity that is available in UiPath and also there are other .net Codes that can fetch you the Matching Values.

Hope this reply may help you attain knowledge of what you wanted to Seek :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @supermanPunch . This will really help me a lot. Will go through it. Thank you😊


Above mentioned Regex Expression learn website is blocked. Can you share some other link to learn depth of Regex in Uipath . Thanks

@DuraiStr - Please check this video

@prasath17 Thanks!! Is that sufficient one or do you have any other weblinks or videos.

Hi @DuraiStr

You check this post on regex made by @Steven_McKeering

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Thanks for your input Nived!! Will follow up it.

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Refer this cheatsheet

and experiment the regex using uipath matches activity. It has a wizard where you can configure regular expression and verify immediately in the wizard.

Even I learnt regex recently using that website and UiPath wizard. This helped me a lot.

You can try this website. It explains step by step.