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This is my first post.

i have a problem where i have som log files where i need to remove sensitive data before sending them further down the line.

the line i want to replace is: “cpr”: “xxxxxx-xx”

where i want to replace all the x’s with the string value “null”

im using modify text and find and replace. and i need a way to search between the to double qoutes, like a non greedy selector kinda thing where “x” is

in “search for” im using follow method :

chr(34)+“Cpr”+chr(34)+": "+chr(34)+“X”+chr(34)

and in “replace with” im using the follow method :

chr(34)+“Cpr”+chr(34)+": "+chr(34)+“Null”+chr(34)

to sum up i need to find a way to search the “X” wich is inbetween the two chr(34) wich present double qoutes


You could use Regex to dynamically replace the x values.

Check out this Regex pattern(

Are the quotation marks (“”) present in the string?

cool i will try it out right away :slight_smile: , thx

Cool - let me know how it goes.

If you want to learn Regex check out my Megapost for new users

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With some small modifications i made it work, with your solution.

thank you very much Steven!

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