RegEx pattern ********** not contain any character or number

I need to find an reg ex pattern for in Ui Path Ismatch activity

  1. *************, ****************, **************
  2. ***********,
    ********, ******
  3. ABC*, XYZ

1, 2, 3 should be True & 4 should be False.

Can anyone help


It giving me an code


You need to put the regex in quotes.

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Thanks Anthony .its beautifully work
could you please suggest me from where how to learn reg ex so that i can self made these things

Absolutely! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a link where you can learn more:

And here’s another where you can test your regexes:


Hi Ankitg

If you want to learn Regex - check out my Regex MEGAPOST on this forum

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