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hello guys!

I have to retrive the Item name from an email text with this layout (the item’s number can vary! so it could be more than 3 as it could be less)

Item1: pendrive
Item2: lavatrice
Item3: speaker

I need to get the item name 1 by 1 and for each of them do a reasearch on Ebay where then I need to check the first 10 elements and get the 5 that are cheaper.
After that I need to write those in a Database Access with Description and Price as columns. It is suggested to use the OLEDB provider.
After that I need to create an excel report as well with the items in Alphabetical order.

it says I need to use a Dispatcher and a Performer. Now, I don’t know if this means that I need to use a queue or I can just use an excel file for storing the Items name and then search them on Ebay.

I am stuck in the process of getting the Items name from the Email body.

anyone can help? thnx

Hi @williamcordella

Use the regex pattern for extraction of item names from email body and iterate through each one

Hope it helps


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Hello @williamcordella - welcome back to forums

Further to @NIVED_NAMBIAR’s post.

Try this Regex Pattern in a Matches Activity:


If you want to learn more about Regex and how to use the results I have created a new user Regex MegaPost with a UiPath Regex workflow demo.

Hopefully this can help :slight_smile:



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Hi Steven could you help me with this one? I am trying to write those items name to an excel file but it doesnt seems to work, the counter doesnt increments even tho the other activieties seem to be iterated


You are going to need write the results into a datatable.
You will need to use a:
Build DataTable
Add data row
Then write range.

Definitely check out Anders Jensen’s YouTube channel for the best tutorials on how to do this.

Start with this video: UiPath - How to add data to a new Excel column - Full Tutorial - YouTube

Hopefully this helps you :slight_smile:

Cheers Steve

hi Steven I tryied before but the issue I am facing is the conversion from string to data row/ Array row. I searched on the forum how to do that but I couldnt find a proper answer


When you are adding results into the ‘ArrayRow’ property they need to be captured with curly brackets “{” and “}”
They also need to be separated using a “,”

Try this video from Anders Jensen - UiPath - How to read Outlook Mails and save them to Excel - YouTube

Particularly watch at 8:50.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:



it worked just by writing the counter as well otherwise it woudnt take it as an array… the problem is that idk why but it doesnt increment the counter even if it does everything before and after that.


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i did solve it! I had to create an assign activity before the loop to give the counter var the value of 1 instead of give it a default value of 1 in the var panel

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Good work :smile:

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