Take username from sharepoint link

Hi Friends,

I have one sharepoint link contains username and i want to take that username which is dynamic from sharepoint link.

Ex. Here is the sample sharepoint link.


Suppose to get current username we can use - Environment.UserName.ToString
like what we use to get username from sharepoint link.



You can use Regex for that as below

Now you can use split function as below

URL = “https://abc-my.sharepoint.com/personal/userfirstname_userlastname_euroclear_com/Documents/Documents/Test2.xlsx?web=1

URL.split("“c)(0) → Firstname
"c)(1) → lastName

Hope this will help you


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Hi @Rup_1,

You can use Named Groups in regex to extract the first and last name from your example link.


Here is how it looks

More about how to extract value from Named Groups : Regex help tutorial MEGAPOST