Unable to open file using start process activity

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i have a pdf which i need to open it and get some text to be variable for further processing.

So i have try to use " start process" activity to open the file.

Previously, i can open but just recently after i execute there is nothing happen.

Could anyone of you kindly advise?


Instead of using Start Process, why don’t you use Read PDF or Read PDF with OCR activities, this will read your PDF and extract the content in a string format, then you can use Regex expressions to extract your text required

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 thanks for your reply. i didnt try this before . Do you have any sample which you can share to me?

thank you


You can check below link for Read PDF and Read PDF with ocr Activities

Once you done with that the output will be in string, so for Regex building you can refer below post


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We can try with READ PDF or READ PDF with OCR

Read pdf can be used if your pdf has only the text
Read pdf with can be used if your pdf has text as a image and the ocr will help to read the text from that image

First go to Design Tab-> Manage Packages → All Packages tan and search for UiPath.PDF.Activities
Install it

And back in studio search for PDF in activity panel and from there you can pick the activity we need

For example

Cheers @irene0227

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@Srini84 thanks… i will have a look on it…

@Palaniyappan thanks …i will try on it

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